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Static B2B LAG


In this lab two Ixia-c Traffic Engines have a pairs of traffic ports each connected back-2-back in a Containerlab environment. The goal is to demonstrate how to create a static Link Aggregation Group (LAG) consisting of two ports and run traffic over the LAG interface.



  • Linux host or VM with sudo permissions and Docker support
  • git - how to install depends on your Linux distro
  • Docker
  • Containerlab

Clone the repository

  1. Clone this repository to the Linux host where you want to run the lab. Do this only once.

    git clone --recurse-submodules
  2. Navigate to the lab folder

    cd otg-examples/clab/ixia-c-one-b2b-lag

Install components

  1. Install otgen

    bash -c "$(curl -sL" -- -v 0.6.2

Deploy a lab

sudo -E containerlab deploy -t topo.yml

Run otgen tests

  1. Flow-based statistics over the LAG

    otgen run --insecure --file otg.yaml --yaml --metrics flow | otgen transform --metrics flow | otgen display -m table
  2. Individual port statistics showing packet distribution over the LAG members

    otgen run --insecure --file otg.yaml --yaml --metrics port | otgen transform --metrics port | otgen display -m table

Destroy the lab

sudo -E containerlab destroy -t topo.yml